Enhance Curb Appeal With Entry Doors

Cayce residents can boost their home’s curb appeal with a standout entry door. Whether it’s a sleek, modern front door or a more traditional design, the entry door sets the tone for the entire façade.

Choosing a durable steel entry door can also keep homeowners cooler and more comfortable during Columbia’s warm seasons. Beauty Fiberglass doors resemble the defined grain of real wood and come in various stain and paint options.

Single Entry Doors

Your front door is the first impression that visitors have of your home. It can enhance curb appeal, protect your property from the elements and provide energy efficiency.

Steel entry doors are a durable, low-maintenance choice that complements any design style. They are also a safe and secure option for your family.

Legacy steel doors are energy efficient, with all doors without glass meeting ENERGY STAR certification. They have a polyurethane core, high-performance window trim and Q-Lon weatherstripping to keep cold air out in winter and warm air in during the summer.

Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors offer a dazzling focal point for a home entranceway and boost property value. These large front doors can be installed with sidelites and transoms for aesthetic enhancements that allow natural light to flow into the living space.

Door Aesthetics

The doors can be made from a wide range of materials including solid wood, fiberglass and coated steel. Fiberglass is a popular option as it resists warping and cracking and can replicate the appearance of real wood grain.

All ProVia doors are crafted with lasting quality assurance to meet homeowners’ needs and preferences. The Andalucia 8 Lite double door is an example of this as it features engineered stile and rail construction with a hardwood stave lumber core for superior stability and resistance to warping.

French Entry Doors

Create a sophisticated entranceway that serves as a portal between indoor and outdoor spaces with French doors. Designed with stylish grids and glass panes, these beautiful hinged doors offer the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality—they’re ideal for larger doorways and provide ample room for natural light, views, and moving large items in/out.

Customize your door with sidelites and transoms (narrow windows set alongside a door) for an even more personalized look. Choose from a wide range of wood patterns, stains, and paint colors to find the right design for your Columbia home.

Sliding Entry Doors

Your home style can influence the way you want to connect indoors with outdoor spaces. Whether you prefer the modern look of sliding entry doors that save space by opening on tracks, or the versatility of Dutch door styles that split open on both the top and bottom to offer ventilation and a unique aesthetic, Harden’s has an entry door solution for you. Our ProVia doors, including their Legacy steel and Embarq fiberglass options, are custom-designed for your Columbia home with lasting quality assurance. All door styles feature rot-resistant materials and solid deadbolt area panels that provide thermal protection from the Columbia climate.

Dutch Entry Doors

Add visual interest and charm to your home with a custom Dutch door. Available in both traditional and modern styles, they offer a welcoming feel to your home.

Historically, Dutch doors were used on farms to keep animals in and predators out, while still providing airflow throughout barns and stables. They’re also a beautiful addition to homes looking for a rustic farmhouse look, complementing different design elements such as shiplap and distressed furniture.

Many homeowners choose to include a door shelf on their lower Dutch door section, perfect for storing mudroom essentials or a spot to toss dirty laundry. This functional design element can also serve as a baby gate for napping kids or curious toddlers, helping to keep them contained and safe while you work.

Bi-Fold Entry Doors

Bi-fold doors are a stylish choice for opening up a space to sweeping views and strengthening the home’s connection with nature. They open wide to allow fresh air into the house, making them an excellent addition to a modern orangery or lean-to conservatory building. These doors are also available with a traffic door fitted to one panel, which allows passage in and out without the need to fold up the entire door unit. They are highly energy-efficient, and can be equipped with a locking system that engages at numerous points around the sliding track instead of just one.

Pivot Entry Doors

Pivot entry doors open from a point instead of traditional side hinges, creating a bold architectural statement. They’re the ideal door for contemporary homes and commercial spaces. They’re comfortable, anti-theft, and withstand drafts, humidity, and wind.

Rhino steel pivot doors are designed and manufactured specifically for your home or commercial project. They come with an Emtek deadbolt and flush bolt* for added security, weather seals for comfort and protection, and ball catches for easy opening. The lead time for a residential custom-made steel pivot door is 16-18 weeks.