Patio Doors Cayce SC – Hinged, Multislide and Bi Fold

Patio doors Cayce SC

The best patio doors are made to last with durable construction and a variety of design options. Among the most popular are sliding patio doors that allow homeowners easy access to the outdoors with wide expanses of glass.

French and other hanging patio doors rely on hinges to hang from the door frame. Proper measurements are crucial to ensure these doors close securely and provide an inviting entrance.


If you are looking for patio doors that let natural light inside and provide unobstructed views, choose sliding patio door systems. They are easy to operate and require little space for opening. They also come in a variety of designs that suit your architecture style and design.

They may feature a solid or glazed frame. You can also select an energy efficient option that comes with two to three tiers of insulation for thermal efficiency. They are a good choice for new construction or renovation projects since you don’t need to build a wall around them.

Composite patio doors offer the beauty of wood with the resilience of synthetic materials. They are low maintenance and can be customized with a range of glazing options for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. You can also opt for wrought iron doors for a distinctive architectural element. They are durable and offer a high level of security against break-ins and strong winds.


Hinged patio doors swing open and closed and can make a dramatic addition to rooms that feature walls of windows. They’re often adorned with stylish grilles that help blur the lines between indoor and outdoor space. And they’re built to withstand high winds, making them an excellent choice for homes in areas prone to hurricanes.

French patio doors are available in both single-hinged and double-hinged designs. They can be installed in-swing or out-swing, depending on your preference. They’re also made with durable materials that ensure long-lasting performance and energy efficiency.

Composite French patio doors are the perfect solution for homeowners who want to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. They offer an abundance of natural light and unobstructed views and can be paired with between-the-glass blinds to maximize energy efficiency. They’re available in a variety of styles to complement your home’s aesthetic, including modern and traditional. They’re also designed with weather-resistant frame materials to resist moisture and sun damage.


Unlike French hinged doors, multislide doors slide in multiple directions, stacking together or tucking into a wall pocket. They are a wonderful way to connect spaces with expansive views and let more natural light flood in. They are also impeccably built for lasting function and enhanced performance in any climate.

Big sliding glass doors like these are an ideal option to fill large openings – 16 feet tall and 60 feet wide or more. They offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space, taking full advantage of balmy weather and lovely views. DunRite’s expert team can help you select the right multislide door to complement your home and bring a new level of luxury and function into your living space. Our moving wall systems also work well in homes with a vaulted ceiling or soaring floor-to-ceiling windows. They can even connect a dining room and kitchen with a backyard patio. Talk to a rep today to get started.


Known as bi fold doors, these sleek glass patio door options blur the line between interior and exterior space. They can be configured with anywhere from two to seven panels that unfold like an accordion and stack neatly against the wall when fully open.

Unlike sliding patio doors that have single leaves, these bi fold doors open and close in a single swift motion. This allows homeowners to maximize their living space. They can also add a high degree of customization to their home’s aesthetic.

Moreover, these doors feature a unique sealing system that keeps them safe from air leaks. They interlock their panels to create an air-tight compression seal that provides superior energy efficiency year-round. They also come with a bug screen tucked away behind the frame for convenient operation.