Patio Doors – Connect Your Cayce SC Home to the Outdoors

Create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas with patio doors. Whether hinged or sliding, these Milgard custom doors are easy to operate and offer superior energy efficiency.

They can also be fitted with between-the-glass blinds to customize how much light you want in your home and ensure privacy.


A hinged patio door, also called a French-style door or a center-hinge door, consists of two doors that open from the center of the frame rather than swinging side to side like a basic sliding door. They are a more traditional option and are available in several styles to complement any home.

The ability to open a hinged patio door fully gives you unobstructed views and easy access to your outdoor living spaces. They are also harder to break into than sliding patio doors and typically have sturdier locking mechanisms.

Hinged doors that are properly installed seal tightly against air leakage and drafts, reducing your energy costs over time. They also offer superior durability against harsh weather conditions, such as the Lincoln wind or hail.


Sliding patio doors offer a wide viewable area without sacrificing space inside your home. Unlike swinging doors that require room clearance for opening and closing, sliding patio doors move smoothly along horizontal rails to create a spacious entrance to your outdoor patio areas.

Available in 2-, 3-, and 4-panel configurations, our sliding patio doors are the ideal solution for capturing outdoor views. Like all our products, they feature code-compliant tempered safety glass and durable frame materials that can stand up to the harsh Columbia climate. They also come with built-in blinds for easy control of natural light and privacy. Add grill options and color-matched hardware for a finished look. You can even get a door with Low-E glass that minimizes UV and infrared energy transfer while increasing indoor comfort and lowering your heating and cooling costs.


French doors offer a dramatic look and help to connect the indoors with the outdoors. They are also a good choice for homeowners who want to increase their home’s resale value.

They feature a wide range of styles, and they can be customized with multiple glass panes. Some feature mullions, which create the appearance of separate window panes. Others are glazed with single large window panes.

They are typically hinged and swing open from the center or side-by-side. They provide ventilation and let in plenty of natural light. However, they require more space to open than sliding patio doors. They can also be expensive compared to other door types. This is due to their heavier construction and additional features. However, they are worth the investment in many cases.


Aluminum patio doors are a classic choice for homeowners looking to add a sleek, contemporary look to their home. Their narrow frames maximize daylighting and viewing area, and they are compatible with a wide variety of architectural styles. These doors also provide top-notch energy performance. With options for Low-E glass coatings and gas fills, they can help reduce energy costs.

Aluminum patio doors are lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion. They feature an extruded aluminum frame with a multi-chambered, hollow core and welded main rail for superior strength. They also have a heavy-duty aluminum screen that’s four times stronger than conventional roll form screens. The screens and door panels interlock at the meeting rail to block out weather, reduce noise, and increase security. They also come with a lifetime limited warranty.


There are many different types of patio doors, and they come in a range of materials. Some are made of aluminum, which is strong and durable. Others are made of glass, which maximizes natural light and offers unobstructed views of the outdoors. These doors can also be energy efficient with the right glazing options.

Some glass patio doors feature thin aluminium frames, which boost their structural integrity. This is a good option if you want frameless doors with minimal framing, which maximise garden views and create a modern look.

Other glass patio doors feature solar-controlled glass, which reduces internal temperatures and makes your home comfortable during extreme weather conditions. This glass also reflects harmful UV rays, which minimises your HVAC system’s workload. Impact glass is another option, which protects your home against hurricane-force winds and improves its appearance.