Window Companies Near Me

Window companies near me Cayce SC

Window installation and replacement can dramatically alter your home’s appearance, energy efficiency and comfort. Choosing the right company will ensure your new windows are the right size, install correctly and offer long-term value.

Double-hung windows are a classic choice in traditional homes. They allow both the top and bottom sashes to move up and down. This allows air to circulate, and provides plenty of light for rooms.

Casement Windows

Hinged on side and operated by a crank, casement windows offer a wider range of ventilation than other window styles. They open at a 90 degree angle and let in plenty of fresh air without obstructing the view outside.

They are also easy to clean and feature a mortise-and-tenon frame with sash construction that provides a classic hand-crafted look. Some brands even offer custom grille patterns to mimic double-hung windows for historic homes.

New and replacement casement windows are available in many materials, finishes, and colors. Most manufacturers deliver standard frames in aluminum, vinyl, or clad wood, but some are available in natural finishes that allow homeowners to stain them to match their home’s style.

Awning Windows

Awning windows feature a hinge at the top of their frame, allowing them to open outward like an awning. They are ideal for locations that require reaching or a tight fit, such as above sinks and counters, and they pair well with large picture windows.

They allow for good airflow and can be left open, even in rainy weather. Awning windows also offer a sleek profile for your home and come in many hardware options, including a crank handle that folds neatly into the frame. This handle pairs well with many decors and is easy to operate. Unlike other window styles, however, they can’t serve as an escape route in the event of a fire.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows glide horizontally, offering a straightforward window solution for spaces where opening a traditional window is challenging. They also offer a clear view and ample ventilation.

Single-sash sliding windows have one movable sash that can be opened from the inside or outside, while double-sliding windows feature two sashes you can open from either side.

Many brands like Andersen provide energy-efficient sliding windows. Their windows use Low-E glass and argon gas filling to keep homes in Cayce cool and conserve energy. JELD-WEN is another top window replacement brand that offers a seamless blend of style and functionality. Their energy-saving windows are designed with multiple pane options and argon gas filling.

Bay & Bow Windows

If you’re looking to add dimension and visual interest to your home, bay and bow windows are an excellent choice. They allow for plenty of natural light and a cozy reading nook. These window configurations are popular in contemporary homes and provide a sense of architectural character to your home’s exterior.

Bay windows are angled and typically consist of two single-hung or double-hung windows with fixed windows on either side, while bow windows are more rounded and can contain anywhere from four to six casement windows. You can customize your bay or bow window by incorporating picture, sliding, and casement windows. You can also choose from a variety of grid options, including Colonial, diamond, and drop.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are corrosion-resistant and immune to dust, drought, and water intrusion. They require minimal upkeep and can last for decades, making them a cost-effective option for homeowners. They also fit most home setups and come in a variety of colors and styles.

They are strong and offer a sleek profile that complements modern architecture. The frames can be powder-coated or anodized in thousands of color options. You can also find a wide range of finishes, including smooth or textured.

However, aluminum is a poor conductor of hot and cold. That makes it important to choose windows with a thermal break or other energy-efficient features.

Fiberglass Windows

Double-hung windows are a classic choice for homes in the Columbia area. This window replacement type allows both the top and bottom sashes to move up and down, allowing for ventilation while limiting the amount of heat that can be drawn out in winter or inducted into the home in summer.

Fiberglass frames are moisture resistant and won’t corrode or rust. They also don’t expand and contract as much as other materials, which reduces the risk of air leaks around the frame.

The strength of fiberglass allows for a slimmer frame, which gives you uncompromised views without compromising on energy efficiency. However, they offer fewer color and hardware options than wood windows.