Door Installation Cost in Cayce SC

Door installation cost Cayce SC

Door installation costs are typically based on labor and door prices. Adding sidelights, a transom window or other options will increase prices.

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Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are available to purchase in a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and upgrades. They can cost anywhere from $130 for hardware to over $2,500 for sidelights and transoms. The most popular choice is steel and fiberglass, but energy-efficient doors are also available that reduce your heating and cooling costs. Smart locks that integrate with your home security system are another option that can add to the overall cost of the door installation.

The average front door costs about $3,700 to replace. This includes installing a new frame, cutting a new opening, and closing up the wall. It does not include removing the old door, getting permits or a structural engineer’s plans, converting a window into a door, or doing major structural modifications. The price of a pre-hung door is usually higher than a slab door because it has the framing and hardware built into it. This allows for a faster installation. Framing and waterproofing is extra, and upgrading the locksets or deadbolts to security-grade models costs an additional $10 to $20 per door.

Interior Doors

Few things harm a home’s interior décor and function more than a broken or malfunctioning door. That’s why it pays to keep your doors in good working order by nipping issues like cracks and missing screws in the bud when they first appear. Fortunately, maintenance costs for most interior doors are minimal.

A professional installation costs about $150 to $300 per door, excluding the cost of a new door. The price varies depending on whether the installer is installing a pre-hung or slab door, and if framing work is required to widen the existing opening. Adding sidelights or a transom window increases the cost by $400 to $2,000 or more. Similarly, moving an inside door to a new wall costs between $700 and $1,400. This process involves closing up the old opening, cutting a new wall opening, and redoing the framing to fit the new door. It can also include electrical and plumbing rerouting. The average time for a pro to install an interior door is 1 to 2 hours for a pre-hung door, and 3 to 8 hours for a front door.

Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors add an elegant, timeless charm to your home. They also increase your curb appeal and boost your home’s value. Moreover, they are a great way to keep your vehicles, farm equipment or valuables secure and protected.

Wooden garage doors are available in a wide range of styles and designs. These include solid panel, raised panel and carriage style. While solid panels are budget-friendly, raised panels feature shapes that are carved into the door and create more visual interest. Additionally, many wooden doors are insulated and feature windows. These doors are easy to customize, making them a unique addition to your home. They are also sturdy and durable. Douglas fir garage doors, for example, are made from a tough wood that resists decay and seasons quickly. They also have a moderate natural luster and are not prone to shrinking or swelling. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of stain and paint finishes.

Steel Garage Doors

Typically ranging from $450 to $3,500, steel garage doors are one of the most popular options. They’re durable, low maintenance and cost-effective. However, they may not insulate your home as well as other types of doors, which can drive up energy bills.

Steel garage doors can be customized with a wide range of design features that can boost curb appeal. They also come in a range of colors that can complement your home. However, it’s important to consider the climate you live in before selecting a color. A higher insulation level can help keep your garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Whether you’re building a new garage to protect your vehicles, farm equipment or livestock, or if you want to convert it into a hobby workshop or personal space, a metal garage is an excellent investment. They’re available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. You can even get a customizable design to fit your budget.