Door Companies Near Me Cayce SC

Door companies near me Cayce SC help homeowners select, install and maintain doors that meet both style and function. Problems like drafty windows, condensation between window panes and high energy bills are common signs that your windows need repair or replacement.

JELD-WEN is known for its ENERGY STAR certified products, which help reduce heating and cooling costs. Several of its window replacement models also include low-E glass and argon filling.

Entry doors

Front doors serve as a barrier that helps to keep noise, weather (air drafts), and light out of your home. They also protect your home’s privacy and security. They can be installed in a variety of materials and come equipped with keyed locks and deadbolts.

Steel entry doors provide superior strength and energy efficiency. They have foam core insulation that helps to keep heated and cooled air inside your home, while keeping unwanted outsiders out!

Fiberglass entry doors are a great choice for Midwestern homes. They are durable and resilient, not to mention easy to clean. They’re available with a smooth skin that can be painted in any color of your choosing, so you can tailor them to match your home’s exterior. They also resist dents and scratches, so they’ll look new for years to come!

Interior doors

Interior doors fulfill a variety of functional needs, such as creating privacy and security barriers and buffering noise. They can also enclose showers, closets and cupboards. They come in a wide range of styles and finishes that suit different design aesthetics.

Many homeowners give little thought to the interior doors in their homes, opting for basic builder-grade flush or panel doors throughout. This can be a mistake, as the right doors can boost a home’s décor and offer increased functionality, such as with universal design features that allow for future modifications to accommodate changing needs like aging or mobility.

Sliding doors are another option, with a barn-style look that saves space by not needing to leave room for the door to swing open. These can be single or double-hung and come in a variety of wood species.

Sliding windows

A new sliding window opens up a room, providing unobstructed views and easy ventilation. They are most often used in spaces where windows that open outward won’t work, such as tight walkways and patios, but they also suit older heritage-style homes.

Sliding windows are easier to use than double-hung or casement windows, which require a lot of hand strength to operate. They can also be cleaned with the flick of a finger and are low-maintenance. However, over time they can collect dirt faster than other types of windows.

From compromising security to raising heating and cooling costs, an unreliable door or window frame can be costly. Luckily, door companies near me Cayce SC offer a wide range of options to suit every style and setting.

Bay and Bow windows

If you want to add a new dimension to your home’s interior space, consider bay or bow windows. These projection windows create an intimate nook to enjoy the view, plus they bring more natural light to any room.

They can be used as a reading nook or even a breakfast nook. Their ledge is also great for displaying picture frames, houseplants, and mementos.

Both bay and bow windows enhance the exterior of your home while increasing its market value. Regardless of the type of window you choose, it’s important to hire professional installers to ensure they are installed properly and stay looking beautiful.

Double-hung windows

If you have old or broken windows in your home, it’s important to hire a professional window installation company for an upgrade. Unreliable windows can compromise the security of your home and raise heating and cooling costs.

Local companies can install double-hung windows that complement traditional aesthetics. These windows allow the upper and lower sashes to move up and down, which provides good ventilation. They’re especially popular in rooms that require ventilation such as family rooms and bathrooms.

Double-hung windows also allow the sashes to tilt in, making cleaning easy. This makes them an excellent choice for second-story or difficult-to-reach windows. They can be glazed with USDA organic polyurethane foam to improve energy efficiency in your home. They can also reduce noise and condensation.