Window Styles in Cayce SC

Window styles Cayce SC

Achieve the look of a traditional home with classic double-hung windows. Enjoy a wide view of the landscape while keeping your home safe from harsh sunlight, drafts and heat.

JELD-WEN windows offer a blend of style and energy conservation. They feature features like Low-E glass and argon gas filling that help lower your energy bills in Cayce SC.


Located in cottage, craftsman, and modern homes, casement windows hinge on one side like a door, opening with a hand-crank mechanism. They allow for expansive glass panes that maximize views and natural light. They also fit well within narrow window frames. Their operation is simple, and they’re easy to clean.

Casement windows work well as stand-alone or part of a bay or bow window. They can be paired with single or double hung windows to add more ventilation to kitchens and bathrooms.

Hinged on the sides, these windows can be opened to let in fresh air and a breeze throughout our sunny summers and windy fall seasons. They’re a popular choice for Cayce homeowners looking for a blend of style and functionality in their window replacements.


Similar to casement windows, awning windows open by hinges that are mounted at the top of the window. Awning windows can be customized with different options for the frame, screen and glass. Some window providers offer authentic divided lites or grilles between the glass for an attractive style that complements many types of home designs.

They work well in rooms where you want to keep the windows open for ventilation a lot of the time, such as bathrooms or kitchens. They can also be paired with picture windows for more natural light and views.

These windows require a fair amount of space to allow them to swing open fully, so they should be located away from decks, patios and other areas where the window could be blocked by objects or people when opened. They aren’t ideal for emergency exits due to the way they open upward, so you’ll need to consider local safety regulations if you plan on installing them in your home.


Unlike the double-hung window found in many traditional homes in Cayce, this window replacement style opens up to the left and right along grooves in the frame. This allows for a large opening for ventilation and unobstructed views of your home’s surroundings. They are also easier to clean and require less maintenance.

Gliding windows are often wider than they are tall, making them ideal for spaces with lower ceilings. Their wide design offers expansive views of your outdoor landscape and maximizes natural light to brighten up rooms.

They also offer a seamless operation with a basic yet effective track system that glides open and closed. This eliminates protruding hardware, contributing to a polished look. They can be customized with a variety of window options, including glass types and insulating gas, interior and exterior colors, hardware finishes, decorative grids and etched glass patterns. They work well for both contemporary and traditional homes and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Bay & Bow

When you want to add more natural light and extraordinary outdoor views to your home, bay & bow windows are the way to go. They’re a great option for boosting the aesthetic of your home, and they offer plenty of storage space for things like plants or knick-knacks. Just make sure you keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure your windows last for many years to come.

Although they both protrude from your house, bay windows are sharply angled and usually consist of one large picture window and two different windows on either side, while bow windows are gently curved with four to six window panels called lites. This gives them a church-like or Victorian appearance. Both styles can be equipped with a seat board to provide an intimate reading nook or extra living space. Both windows are available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl to suit your design preferences. They’re also customizable with a variety of grid options, including Colonial, diamond and drop.