Front Entry Doors Cayce SC

Front entry doors Cayce SC are an important part of your home’s aesthetic. These doors protect you and your belongings from the elements, provide security against intruders, and improve energy efficiency.

Replacing a front door is an investment. Choosing the right one is crucial. There are several factors to consider, including the materials and design.

Hurricane Impact Doors

The primary function of hurricane doors is to protect your home from severe weather events. These durable doors can resist impact from flying debris, which can break windows and other components of your house during a storm. They are also able to keep out harmful UV rays that can damage your furniture and other belongings.

Additionally, they are an excellent deterrent against intruders. Having a front door that cannot be broken down easily will discourage burglars from attempting to enter your home.

Many homeowners choose to install hurricane doors because of the safety benefits that they offer. However, if you are planning to purchase hurricane-proof doors, it is recommended that you work with a specialized provider instead of a big box store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Specialized providers have access to trained and experienced specialists, who can guarantee that your new impact doors will be installed correctly and efficiently. They can also provide you with warranties to give you peace of mind.


The front door is often thought of as the weakest point in an entryway’s security. However, criminals may have trouble breaking into your home if you have a strong deadbolt and a good door frame.

The doorframe has to withstand heavy daily use as you open and close the door and swing it around. If it shows signs of wear and tear, such as shifting when the door opens or closing or cracking in the weather, it’s time to replace it.

A strong doorframe also means a strong lock. Ask your door company about installing a deadbolt and a door chain to add more support to the lock. If you have large panes of glass on the door, consider adding security film to those panes. You can also improve security by installing motion-sensor lighting to the entryway. It can help deter criminals from lurking in the area and draw attention to anyone trying to break into your home.

Energy Efficiency

When homeowners invest in new front doors, they want them to look as good on the outside as they do on the inside. This requires selecting a door that blends quality aesthetics with high-performance capabilities. The right combination of style and function creates a stunning focal point that will leave a lasting impression on visitors.


Aside from being stylish, the right door can also increase your home’s energy efficiency. Quality doors act as effective insulators, helping to regulate indoor temperatures. This helps lower utility bills and reduces strain on heating and cooling systems.

Door glass options like sidelights and transoms allow natural light into the entryway, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance that is sure to make visitors feel at home. In addition, doors with glass can help to increase privacy and security. Window glass styles include half-light, full-light and frosted for a variety of looks and benefits. ProVia entry doors feature glass in a wide range of sizes and shapes to match your vision.


Besides prioritizing security and energy efficiency, your front door should also enhance the aesthetics of your home. Premium wood doors, for example, can add texture and personality to your home’s exterior. They can even make your space feel larger and connect indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly.

Other options, like doors with glass panels and sidelights, can allow natural light to stream into your entryway and create a welcoming ambiance. They can also help you see visitors coming so that you can prepare to greet them.

Craftsman-style doors are another popular option for bungalows and naturalistic homes, with customization options like dentil shelves, wrought iron nails, and hinge straps to accentuate their hand-made style. Rustic-style doors can complement American Southwest or Mediterranean-inspired houses and offer a timeless look that can be enhanced with unique additions, such as glass and creative hinge designs. Aside from enhancing your home’s aesthetic, an upgraded front door can also boost its market value.