Energy-Efficient Window Styles

Energyefficient windows Cayce SC

Replacing outdated window styles with tight-fitting energy-efficient windows can help cut your energy costs in Cayce SC. They can block drafts and cold air during winter, allow warm sunlight into rooms, and reduce outside noises.

Choosing an experienced local installer also contributes to good results and a smooth experience. Look for brands like Andersen and Pella that specialize in energy efficiency. Their windows include argon gas filling and other features that optimize energy conservation.


Vinyl is an affordable material that doesn’t require much maintenance, making it a popular choice for window replacement in Cayce. However, its durability and lack of biodegradability are contributing to a global plastic pollution crisis.

According to the Vinyl Institute, 57% of PVC is made from common salt and 45% from non-replenishable natural resources. Moreover, it uses less energy for production than other plastics and emits fewer gases into the atmosphere. It also requires less chemical processing and can be recycled easily.


Many homeowners experience window problems like fogging between panes, rotting window frames, and high energy bills. These issues can be caused by old, inefficient windows that allow cold air to enter the home.

Adding double-pane windows to your home can help improve its insulation in Cayce SC. The space between glazing is typically filled with Argon or Krypton gas, which helps keep cold air out and warm air in during the winter.

Marvin windows are renowned for their energy efficiency features, including Low-E glass and argon gas filling. Their window designs combine style with energy conservation, making them an ideal choice for Cayce residents.


When choosing the right window style for your home or commercial facility, you must consider a number of factors such as cost, energy efficiency, maintenance, and durability. Among the most popular types of windows are aluminum and vinyl frames.

These windows are cheaper than wood or fiberglass and require less maintenance. They are also easy to clean, requiring only occasional wiping with a damp cloth. However, they can lose heat quickly and may not be suitable for frigid climates.

Double Hung

Fogging between window panes, condensation issues, or rotting window frames that allow moisture intrusion into your home. Cold air coming in during the winter and racking up your energy bill.

Double hung windows, also known as double-sash windows, feature two sliding sashes that move up and down vertically. They can be opened to let in the breeze and are easy to clean from inside the house.

A classic choice for traditional homes, double hung windows are available in a variety of materials. They can be customized to fit your unique style and aesthetic.


Awning windows are hinged from one side like casements but open downward using a crank or motor. They allow you to bring in fresh air during a rainy day in Cayce SC without soaking your interior.

They reduce the amount of sunlight that comes in, which lowers temperatures and requires your air conditioner to work less hard. They also help protect your interior finishes from the sun’s damaging UV rays. JELD-WEN and Weinor offer awning windows with energy efficiency features such as Low E glass and argon gas filling for better performance in your Cayce home.


Fresh air is as close as a crank of the handle with casement windows, a favorite among homeowners who live in rainy climates. These are hinged on the side and open outward, and their unique design aligns well with contemporary Cayce homes.

Energy efficient window options like the UniShield windows by Marvin are available in multiple pane choices and come with argon gas filling, low-E coatings, and other features that optimize energy conservation. They can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bills.


Transom windows are an elegant and attractive addition to any space. Their placement above doors and larger windows allows natural light to enter a room, which improves the aesthetic and helps reduce energy costs.

Transom windows also enhance ventilation. When opened, they can encourage hot air to rise and cool breezes to enter, which promotes better indoor air quality and lowers energy bills. Choose a style that aligns with your privacy needs and light control preferences. Some options include frosted glass and blinds that can be adjusted as needed.

Storm Windows

Storm windows act as a layer of protection over existing traditional windows. They’re made of tough materials that are more durable than regular glass and are designed to withstand severe weather conditions.

They can cost anywhere from $150 to $400 per window based on the frame material and extra features. They’re a great option for improving your home’s energy efficiency by blocking drafts and reducing your utility bills. Popular brands include Renewal by Andersen, Marvin, and Pella.