Choose the Right Patio Doors for Your Home in Cayce SC

Patio doors Cayce SC

Whether you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in your backyard or simply bring more light into your home, the right patio doors will make all the difference. Your local Renewal by Andersen team can help you choose the best style for your home in the Cayce SC area.


Hinged patio doors are the ideal option for homeowners seeking a traditional architectural style. They also offer more flexibility than sliding options when it comes to opening into a space and leaving room for walkways or furniture.

French hinged patio doors can open to the left or right just like sliding door panels, but they can also open fully. This allows you to control the amount of air that gets in and helps save on energy costs.

These doors are made with lasting materials that can withstand moisture and sunlight. They have superior hinges and joints, and their frames resist rusting, warping, and corrosion. They are easy to operate for all family members, and their high-performance sealing helps reduce heat and cold loss. They also provide security thanks to Grade 1 certification deadbolts and a variety of lock options.


Sliding French patio doors offer a modern aesthetic that blurs the lines between indoors and out. With in-swing or out-swing designs and multiple grille options, these doors help enhance your home’s beauty while maximizing ventilation.

French doors can also be customized to complement a traditional aesthetic. Depending on the model you select, choose from brass and bronze hardware finishes, traditional or prairie grid patterns, and interior wood options protected by a durable phenolic finish.

Energy efficiency is another benefit of French patio doors. Whether they’re open or closed, these doors feature multiple insulating air chambers and a foam core to help you save on your monthly utility costs.


Sliding patio doors, also called door walls, offer wide expanses of glass and a smooth operation that allows you to open up a space without any obstacles. Another design, a wall-sized glass pocket door, has one or more panels movable to slide into open-wall pockets, totally disappearing for a wall-less ‘wide-open’ indoor-outdoor room experience.

Whatever your needs for a new patio door, our Columbia area Renewal by Andersen team is here to help. Our patio doors are made to last using superior hinges, joints, and frame materials that resist moisture, heat, and sunlight to look brand new for years. And all our doors are guaranteed to reduce energy costs, cut noise, and keep the outdoors out and indoors in.


Bifold doors create a wall of glass that connects your indoor space with your outdoor patio. They consist of multiple door panels that hinge together and fold accordion-style to open. They provide generous airflow and uninterrupted views. They are a great choice for homes that embrace social gatherings and outdoor living.

When closed, they offer a view that is similar to sliding doors. When opened, they offer a wider opening than sliding doors.

They may require a bit more maintenance than other types of doors. For example, they need to be regularly lubricated. Additionally, they might have some drainage problems due to their design. However, these issues can be fixed with a professional’s help. They also need to be protected from moisture and other contaminants.


Achieve an open concept living space with the versatility of multi-slide doors. These doors are designed to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces by opening a wall entirely to bring in sunlight and expansive views of your landscape. These doors can be opened or closed manually or automatically and are available in a range of frame, sizing and color options to complement your home’s design.

These doors feature multiple framed glass panels that glide along a track. They may stack to one side or tuck out of sight into a wall pocket, creating wide openings that are the perfect solution for bringing the outdoors in and inviting indoor activities to the exterior.

When considering a multi-slide door, homeowners should first consider how they will be used in their home. This will help them determine how many operable panels they should have, whether the doors will open by parting in the middle or stacking to one side, and any structural requirements that may need to be addressed during installation.